Setup a Virtual Meal!

With the recent changes in our daily lives, re-connecting with your team and loved ones over a healthy meal has never been more important.

With this initiative, get your team some nutritious meals and setup a virtual lunch to catch up with them. We will take care of the rest and no matter the location of your team members and send their individual orders directly to their doorstep at your designated meeting time.

If you are ordering for 50 participants and above or need a customised corporate solutions, feel free to drop us an email.

Here's how it works:


Fill in the details of each team member and the voucher amounts for each. You can also add in details of the meeting for them to follow!

e.g Hey team, let's order and meet on Zoom for lunch at 12:30pm!


After completing your payment, a personalised email will be sent to each team member with a unique voucher code.

(Kindly buffer a short lead time of up to 2 hours for your team to receive the voucher codes by email.)


Each team member places their orders through the SaladStop! app or directly on

They simply apply the voucher code at checkout and can schedule their orders for the designated meeting time.


SaladStop! then takes care of the rest and no matter the location of your team members, we will send their individual orders directly to their doorstep.


Lastly, re-connect with your team over a wholesome SaladStop! meal!

so let's get started

Personal Details

Meeting Details


Here's an example

For $36.90, your team member can order:
(Covers minimum order of $30 + delivery fees $6.90)

1 x Salad / Wrap
1 x Banana Cake
1 x Coldpress Juice
1 x Breakfast Kit

Team Details

Total Amount : $0

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